Recon units in the JGSDF are equipped with off-road motorcycles, which are officially just called “Reconnaissance Motorcycles”. They do not have a “Type ##” designation like most Japanese military hardware, and the label actually refers to two different models, the Honda XLR250R, and the Kawasaki KLX250, which is gradually replacing it. They are both civilian models, rather than bikes designed specifically for the military.
As an island nation with a defence-only policy, the only scenarios in which Japanese ground forces are envisioned to see action is either enemies storming its shores, or more interestingly, when enemy commandos or guerillas infiltrate with intent to sabotage or capture vital areas of infrastructure (like nuclear reactors, for example).
Other than reconnaissance, as it says on the label, the recon units are trained to be the first responders in the latter scenario, as they are able to rapidly arrive on scene. Aside from shooting from their bikes as in the above photo, they are also trained to use their bikes as shields. The objective is deploy as quickly as possible and delay the enemy for as long as possible until more powerful units arrive.
The weapon the soldier in the above photo is using is the Howa Type 89, the standard Japanese service rifle which uses the 5.56mm NATO standard ammunition

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