MacGyver isn’t the only one who knows how to use a paperclip. With a little ingenuity, you too can come up with genius hacks to make your day better. From getting your bra to fit just right to making a stand for your phone on the spot, your day just got a little easier thanks to these clever paper clip hacks.
Create a cheap phone stand for your desk out of a couple of paperclips. Clever idea!

Fasten a bracelet without help by hooking a paperclip through the clasp hole on the bracelet, using the other end of the paperclip to hold it steady.

Straighten up a messy collar using paper clips as collar stays.
Don’t pay for expensive bookmarks at the store. Make your own bookmarks by gluing a button or tying a pretty ribbon around the end of a paperclip.

Pull up a stuck zipper easy by looping a paperclip through the zipper.
Unclog glue or spray bottles by poking a paperclip end through the opening. Simple and effective!

Hold a floppy tie in place by clipping it to your shirt with a paperclip.
Bind a book or a bunch of papers together using a paperclip and some rubber bands. Great idea for keeping the kids’ artwork together!

Turn your standard bra into a racerback bra by securing the straps in the back with a paperclip. You may want to put some tape around the ends to avoid being poked in the back throughout the day.

Pick a lock when you’ve lost your key. This trick is best used with simple locks, such as those on luggage, diaries, lockers, etc.


1:54 Iron collar properly
3:41 Cola for your eyeglasses
8:39 No more mess!
9:28 Moving heavy furniture

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