Whenever we see a great magic trick, we think: how do they do it?! By now, most of us are well aware that it comes down to sleight of hand and viewer manipulation, so we try our hardest to be super attentive. Yet, they still manage to leave us speechless! However, sometimes the explanation of the most dazzling and mysterious magic trick is right there on the surface.

The number of magicians in the world is really small — only one person out of 25,000 people knows how to perform magic tricks. And you are about to become one of those rare people because our new video has got all the answers you need. We’re breaking down how 5 of the world’s greatest magic tricks are performed. So, watch carefully!

Dynamo’s Phone-in-a-Bottle Trick 1:06
Water Suspension Trick 3:12
Levitating Card Trick 4:36
Head Drop Illusion 5:27
Darcy Oake’s Caged Doves Illusion 7:07

Music by Epidemic Sound https://www.epidemicsound.com/

– The bottle with the woman’s real phone and a second mini one in it has a card separating the two, and when Dynamo gives it a little shake—bam! The card and mini phone get pulled out the bottle and into his sleeve with the Gecko tool, leaving behind just the real phone trapped inside the bottle.
– The cardboard creates a vacuum seal around the top of the cup, which suctions the card and keeps it in place. No matter how much you move it around, the cardboard will remain stuck until the seal is broken.
– After you’ve picked your card and placed it back in the deck, the magician puts it in a special spot in the deck: in front of a card that has a counter-weight and a piece of wax on it. The wax sticks the card you picked to the counter-weight, which, in turn, moves when the magician turns the deck upside down.
– Kenichi’s black overcoat is the real reason this trick works. You see, hidden under his jacket is a hanger duct taped to two wooden sticks to create a triangular frame. The hanger goes across his shoulders, and he keeps the sticks in front of him, waiting for the right moment. When that moment comes, Kenichi uses his right hand to push the sticks up into the hanger and make the jacket hover above his shoulders.
– The pieces of paper he’s been burning to “conjure” the doves are flash paper, which is used for setting quick fires that distract people from other movements. He uses the fire to cover up the fact that he’s pulled the folded cage out of his sleeve and then put one of his doves inside.

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