What’s the difference between ordinary people and creative people? I for one, think it’s the ability to find new uses for common things! Let’s take a banana peel for instance. Ordinary people would throw it away in the garbage bin, but creative people…They definitely willcome up with a nhumber of great ideas like:

Polishing shoes. It brings back the shine and gloss.

Nourishing the skin. The minerals and antioxidants in the peel moisturize the skin and smooth out wrinkles.

Treating warts. Rub the wart with the peel before sleep, or attach it together with a plaster.

Treating itching and redness. When bitten by insects or after shaving.

Whitening teeth. Rub your teeth twice a day before using toothpaste.

Cleaning silverware. A thick paste made from water and peel cleans silverware brilliantly.

Removing dust from plant leaves.

Never throw a banana peel away, because it’s a great material for a whole lot of things!


2:48 Keep those earphones untangled
4:31 Soda can hacks
6:30 Your friendly towel holder
9:05 Wash off beetroot residue


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