PAS is splitting the Malay community with its political allegiance, Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad claimed today.

He said this in a blog post on titled “Why I am against PAS”.

To stress his point, the premier wrote about the time in 1955 when Perikatan, the then-alliance of Umno, MCA and MIC, won 51 of 52 seats contested in the first general election for the Federal Legislative Council, in what was then the British protectorate of the Federation of Malaya, while PAS only won one seat.

PAS leaders were sour about the election results and started to preach that those who work with the “kafir” (infidels), were infidels themselves, he said.

“Because Umno was working with the Chinese and Indians in Perikatan, PAS claimed that Umno was not Islamic.

“As a result, Muslim Malays who were not from PAS were considered infidels. This led to a bad split (within the religion),” Mahathir wrote.

Mahathir further alleged that the Malays were not split before PAS came along.

“Only when PAS was formed, did the Malays become divided into two rival factions. This very faction weakens the race, to the extent that PAS has to seek the “kafir’s” help.

“However, when PAS works with the ‘kafir’ parties, they claim it is on the basis of political cooperation.

“In fact, this is exactly what Umno did with MCA and MIC. Clearly, the Arab language is used to ‘Islamise’ PAS’ cooperation with the ‘kafir’,” he wrote.

This was in reference to PAS leaders campaigning for MCA in the recent Balakong by-election.

Placing party above religion

The Islamist party also prioritises the teaching of its leaders and the party, over the religion’s, he added.

“That is why, although the Quran says that Muslims are brothers, PAS members are willing to be ‘enemies’ with other Muslims, because of their leaders’ teachings.

“This is why the Malay Muslims in the country are split until today. It is not the religion that splits the Malays, but PAS’ politics.

“There are still many PAS members who hold steadfast to the party and its teachings, while the divide between the Malays widens. It will continue to happen as long as PAS misinterprets and misuse Islamic teachings.

“This is why I am against PAS,” wrote the Bersatu chairperson.

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