North Korea Fires Three Ballistic Missiles Into Sea

North Korea launched three short-range missiles off its coast on Saturday, as US and South Korea conducted its annual joint military drills that the north denounces as preparation for war.

The projectiles were reportedly launched from the North’s Eastern Kang-Won province into the sea and was fired over a 20 minute period.

The US military initially reported that two of the missiles had failed.

However, according to its later assessment, one appeared to have blown up almost immediately while two flew about 250 kilometres in a north-easterly direction. 

Japan later confirmed that no ballistic missiles have fallen onto the country’s territory or its Exclusive Economic Zone, EEZ.

Following the launch, local media reported that its leader Kim Jong Un had guided landings and aerial strike by its army against targets modelled after South Korean Islands of Bang-Yong and Yon-Pyong.

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